Past events


.NET Crowd meeting #29 - Vilnius 2023-10-12

Aliaksei Harshkalep Developing Highly-Scalable Serverless Web Applications using .NET, Blazor and AWS
Edvinas Šulcas Don't cross the Streams: moving large amounts of data in C#

.NET Crowd meeting #28 - Vilnius 2023-05-11

Krzystof Stolarz Road to .NET 6: migration story of hope and despair
Andrew Zabirko Performance wise development with .NET : Example case overview

.NET Crowd meeting #27 - Vilnius 2023-03-09

Edvinas Šulcas  One log to rule them all
Tautvydas Versockas  7 Most Common Mistakes in Message-Driven Systems

Build Stuff Appetizer'22  with .NET Crowd Vilnius #26 - 2022-11-08

David Whitney  Intentional Code - Minimalism in a world of dogmatic design
Ted Neward  
Ian Cooper At Least Once

.NET Crowd meeting #25 - Vilnius 2022-09-29 

Justas Savickas Cloud delivery at scale
Artūras Šlajus Type systems for safer, clearer code and less tests
Tomas Urbonaitis NoMicroservices

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #24 - 2020.01.30/2020.01.28

Raimundas Banevičius All new and cool C# features!
Saulius Mockus Blazor - UI framework for backend developers

Build Stuff Appetizer'19 with .NET Crowd Vilnius #23 - 2019-11-12 

Elton Stoneman Just what is a "service mesh", and if I get one will it make everything OK?
Daniel Marbach Cliff diving into async in .NET Core and C# 8

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #22 - 2019.10.17/2019.10.15 

Tautvydas Versockas Machine Learning in .NET
Vidas Vasiliauskas (Vilniuje) How not to suck at architecture
Artūras Šlajus (Kaune) Is it worth learning programming languages that you can't use in your day job?

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #21 - 2019.05.09/2019.05.07

Vilniaus susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Kauno susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Augustinas Nomicas Clean Architecture
Rokas Antanas Balevičius Multi-threading your way out

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #20 - 2019.02.20/2019.02.27

Vilniaus susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Alexander Laptev Q# - Quantum Computing on .NET 
Marius Vitkevičius FIDO - nauja autentifikacijos standartų karta

Build Stuff Appetizer kartu su .NET Crowd meeting - Vilniuje (2018-11-13, 18:30)

Russ Miles "Break Stuff: Confessions of a Misguided Chaos Engineer"
Ian Cooper  
Jeffrey Richter "Q&A session on Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications"

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #18 - 2018.09.20/2018.09.18

Paulius Kasiulis "Asynchronous programming using messaging"
Donatas Mačiūnas "LINQPad - .NET Developer's Sidekick"

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #17 - 2018.03.29/2018.03.15

Vilniaus susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Tomaš Maconko "Riding a whale"
Alan Mendelevich "The Future of Data Visualization on the Web"

Build Stuff Appetizer with .NET Crowd #16 Vilnius - 2017.11.14

Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Oren Eini (ayende) "Rebooting Design"
Jimmy Bogard "Full Stack REST"

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #15 - 2017.10.05

Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Maarten Sikkema "Building a realtime server backend using the Orleans Actor system, Dotnet Core and Server-side Redux"
Vytautas Petrauskas "Slicing "Big Elephant" systems into micro-services and having fun"

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #14 - 2017.05.23/2017.05.25

Vilniaus susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png  Kauno susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Deimantas Steponavičius "Entity Framework Core and DDD" (tik Vilniuje)
Alexander Laptev "Roslyn Analyzers: From Idea Till Prod"
Marius Vitkevičius "Kada išmoksime saugoti slaptažodžius?"

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #13 - 2017.04.20/2017.04.18

Vilniaus susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png  Kauno susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png

Bojan Vrhovnik "Microsoft Azure" (tik Vilniuje)
Alan Mendelevič "Kodėl aš norėčiau tapti Microsoft MVP ir kaip juo tapti?"
Gustas Sagaitis "Practical REST API Development using .NET Core"

Build Stuff Appetizer with .NET Crowd Vilnius #12 - 2016.11.15
Chris Condron ".NET Performance"
Dan North "Event Storming"

.NET Crowd Vilnius/Kaunas meeting #11 - 2016.09.29/2016.09.27
Vidas Vasiliauskas "Message Driven Architecture with ReactiveX"
Tomaš Maconko "How Domain Driven Design works"

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #10 - 2016.06.02
Osvaldas Grigas "Names: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly"
Alexander Laptev "Performance measurement with BenchmarkDotNet"

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #9 - 2016.03.31 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Taavi Kõosaar (@melborp) "Extending Visual Studio Team Services"
Tomas Urbonaitis "Auth done right - OpenID Connect with Identity Server"

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #8 - 2016.02.25 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Sam Elamin "Distributed system: development, monitoring & business metrics"
Enis Sanchez "How & Why: Azure Resource Manager templates"

.NET Crowd Kaunas/Vilnius meeting #7 - 2015.12.15/17
Tomaš Maconko "FluentInterface: Hands On"
Andrius Dapševičius "Machine learning with Accord Framework"

.NET Crowd Kaunas/Vilnius meeting #6 - 2015.09.02/03 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Sergejus Barinovas "Ką reiškia įsidarbinti JAV"
Jevgenij Nekrasov "Being Meta"

.NET Crowd 1-asis gimtadienis - 2015.05.28 Gimtadienio akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Dino Esposito "The Sketchy Thing and the Comeback of Flowcharts and Top-Down Design"
Greg Young "Event sourcing"

.NET Crowd Kaunas/Vilnius meeting #4 - 2015.02.26/28 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Gediminas Geigalas "DI: išmoktos pamokos" emblem-symbolic-link.png
Andžej Maciusovič "Typescript language" emblem-symbolic-link.png

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #3 - 2014.12.18 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Paulius Norkus "ASP.NET vNext" emblem-symbolic-link.png
Giedrius Banaitis "Less known ways to debug stuff" emblem-symbolic-link.png

.NET Crowd Kaunas meeting #1 - 2014.12.16 Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Giedrius Banaitis "Less known ways to debug stuff" emblem-symbolic-link.png
Raimondas Tijūnaitis "Tackle Big Ball of mud Super Mario style" emblem-symbolic-link.png

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #2 - 2014.09.18
Rokas Balevičius "Logstash - system heartbeat implementation" emblem-symbolic-link.png
Tomas Urbonaitis "Introduction to asynchronous persistent messaging with NServiceBus" emblem-symbolic-link.png

.NET Crowd Vilnius meeting #1 - 2014.05.28. Susitikimo akimirkosemblem-symbolic-link.png
Donatas Mačiūnas "Git - pažabokim istoriją" emblem-symbolic-link.png
Andrej Slivko "CQRS praktikoje" emblem-symbolic-link.png


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